F&S Auto Sales

5630 N Shannon Road : Shannon NC 28386

Phone: (910)705-8000
Email: fsautosalesnc@gmail.com

About Us

With the surprise of having a little boy on the way, I finally cracked down, and started the process of trying to obtain my dealers license. The months and months of different types of permits, filings, construction to the office, was tough emotionally and financially. After all that was complete, then making sure I had all the insurances, bonding, classes etc, talk about stressful! After all this I finally have my Used car dealers license. I can say that my son AJ was the motivation I needed to make it happen. Our son was still born on 4/04/17. This business was for him , F&S Auto Sales. The name stands for Father & Son Auto Sales. Every time I look at this business name I will always remember my little boy, my motivator. 4/04/2017

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Address: 5630 N Shannon Road : Shannon, NC 28386
Phone: (910) 705-8000
Email: fsautosalesnc@gmail.com